Hello Hot Hollister Cyber Monday 2014 special sale

Hollister Cyber Monday  Summer almost, Hollister officially launched in national stores full of southern California (Southern SoCal California) style of the new summer. Hollister has always been synonymous with hot lifeguard and charming southern California beach, and the presentation of the summer series, not only the continuation of Hollister attitude has been relaxed, more into the summer charm of the active element, make pure hot southern California style detonated the whole summer! Hollister Cyber Monday In the summer of 2013, A&F (Abercrombie&Fitch) pure South California style to Hollister Cyber Monday 2014 sale , brand Hollister (Hollister) latest stores is on June 29th (Saturday) 10:00 in the morning in Sanlitun Swire (former Sanlitun Village) grand opening.
A&F (Abercrombie&Fitch) is frequently invited to many countries beauty metrosexual man station entertainment shops in the sunshine, make people easy to brand transfer hot lifeguard and picturesque California beach be personally on the scene. A&F is a young vibrant and interesting nature always, under the brand Hollister Cyber Monday sale  name Hollister (Hollister) also never flaunt serious orthodox style, and has been highlighted with unique style of humorous. Hollister (Hollister) represents the leisurely and comfortable way of life, as well as freehand Frank pure style, emanates ongoing with cool feeling, the infinite vitality in southern California to the world.
Hollister (Hollister) has the most unique Hollister Cyber Monday deals  shop experience, full of vitality and energy. The hottest lifeguards, store models, the strong rhythm of the music, attractive fragrance, unique beach style dress and advocating and pursuing freedom attitude common paints a picture of life in southern California. The guests here can pick up Hollister Cyber Monday sale  all kinds of high quality hot jeans, Hollister Cyber Monday 2014 sale T-shirts and flip flops, hoody Hoodie and swimwear.
Hollister (Hollister) large store LED electronic screen rolling broadcast Huntington Hay Sand dock (Huntington Beach Pier) images, the fans can see surfers brave the wind and waves a vibrant scene. The shop is designed into a beach cottage looks even more charm than real hut. Ceiling lights crystal lamps soft reflected in the colorful and extremely soft and comfortable clothes, and stores the intimate placed chairs available for customers to sit down while shopping for rest and relaxation, Hollister Cyber Monday deals or leafing through magazines at hand.